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The Manipuri Kitchen is your
'Delivery' Kitchen
and online Mini-market
for your specialties from Northeast India.

Since we founded our company, The Manipuri Kitchen has become a part of the Northeastern Indian community. We started The Manipuri Kitchen in 2017 after realizing that it was not always easy to find local Northeastern food of the highest quality in Europe.

We do our best to build strong relationships with our reliable suppliers, which helps us to keep our costs low, and we do everything we can to pass those savings on to the customer.

About the Founder

I am K.K. Singh, lovingly called Bung. I was born and raised in Imphal in the North-East of India, but, through the course of my live, I have lived outside of the North-East and missed Home and all its comforts. I found many others in the same predicament. For too long we made do with bringing back foodstuffs and other unique items back from our too-few-and-far-between holidays.

So I thought... “Hey, if you can't go Home, how about getting Home to you?” Our store is the answer!

We source our products straight from the makers and producers, Self Help Groups, who directly support local farmers. I am thrilled to bridge the gap between the need of North-East producers for new marketing platforms and the end customers to gain easy access to north-eastern products.
As social entrepreneurs we enable ourselves and those who we partner with to engage in sustainable, profitable and self-sufficient enterprise. The full impact of our venture is twofold:
> providing easy access to north-eastern products to interested customers <
> providing unique opportunities for local farmers, to reach new markets <

Cinnamon sticks

the Manipuri Kitchen
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Some Reviews of our home cooking

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